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Pump Maintenance & Repair

Pump Maintenance & Repair


  1. To do the inspection and maintenance of the impeller, including pump casing inspection.
  2. To do the inspection and maintenance of the shafts, bearings, bearing sleeves, column, Stuffing box, thrust bearing and other parts
  3. To do the inspection of the gearbox
  4. To clean oil tank and change lube oil for the gearbox 
  5. To clean the lube oil cooler
  6. To repair the lube oil cooler i/it gets a fault
  7. To repair and replace the drain pipe of cooling system 
  8. To paint the rusty portion rounding the pump by epoxy coating 
  9. Re-assembles and re-install the complete pumping.
  10. The contractor provides lifting tools, hand tools and consumables.
  11. The contractor provides method statement, risk assessment, man-power insurances and man-power

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