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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

It  is  the  aim  of  Son  Vu  Technical  Service  Company Limited management to conduct business in a manner which assures Client satisfaction, a safe and rewarding environment for all employees and the generation of profit.   For the purpose of being one of the leading originations in industrial maintenance, fabrication, engineering, we establish the quality policy statement as:
In order to achieve the objectives it is the policy of Son Vu   Technical      Service     Co         Ltd  to    establish        and  maintain  a comprehensive  Quality  Assurance  System  which  will  control such activities as bid preparation, engineering, procurement, installation, fabrication, testing and delivery. The system will be providing confidence that all work is of the requisite quality and fit for its intended purpose.
1.    Continuously develop the capability and competence of the employees
2.    Ensuring the Company meets statutory and regulation requirements
3.    Minimizing potential quality problems, thus improving cost effectiveness and efficiency.
4.    Completing the work within the budget and schedule requirements
5.    Providing   verified  documentation   pertaining   to   the achievement of specified quality.

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